Saturday evening

Oh, finally! Saturday evening! The weekend began. Call for evening entertainment is here. Crazy fun until the early morning hours of the announcement. The girls are wondering what to wear, because they never know what to wear. After thoughts revolve skirts, pants, shirts, blouses, dresses, but which is the right choice? For all this we should add makeup, hairstyle and the best cocktails tonight. How to resist? Absolutely not. Enjoy with friends, laugh and have fun.
Girls, if you need a little help in choosing the dress selection of Toronto Prom Dresses are here.
Also see and other Pickedresses. Stay fabulous. :)

Oh, konačno! Vikend je počeo. Poziv za večerašnji izlazak je stigao. Lud provod do ranih jutarnjih časova je u najavi. Devojke se  pitaju šta obući, jer naravno da nikada  nema šta da se obuče.
Razmišljamo o suknjama, pantalonama, majicama, košuljama, haljinama, ali za šta se odlučiti? Koji je najbolji izbor? Ne smemo zaboraviti ni šminku, frizuru kao ni najbolje večernje koktele.
Kako odoleti? Nikako! Uživati sa društvom, smejati se i zabaviti. :)

''Or may be something Saturday evening like this: Lying in your bed and on a Saturday night, you're sweatin' buckets and it's not even hot, but your brain has got the message, and it's sending it out.
To every nerve and every muscle you've got.
You've got so many dreams, that you don't know where to put 'em,
so you'd better turn a few of 'em loose, your body's got a feeling that it's starting to rust,
you'd better rev it up and put it to use.
And I don't know how I ever thought that I could make it all alone
When you only make it better, and it better be tonight
And we'll fly away on those angel wings of chrome in your daddy's car
Waiting there for you tonight, I'll be there for you tonight.
Even if you don't have anywhere to go, you go down on the pedal and you're ready to roll,
And your speed, is all you'll ever need, all you'll ever need to know -Darlin', Darlin'.

You and me we're goin' nowhere slowly, and we've gotta get away from the past.
There's nothin' wrong with goin' nowhere, baby,
but we should be goin' nowhere fast. Everybody's goin' nowhere slowly,
they're only fighting for the chance to be last, there's nothin' wrong with goin' nowhere, baby.
But we should be goin' nowhere fast, it's so much better goin' nowhere fast.''

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